• Digital Signal Processing Engineer Shenzhen/Negotiable/3-5 years
  • PCB Layout Engineer Shenzhen / Negotiable / 3-5 years
  • Overseas Salesperson Shenzhen / Negotiable / 0-3 years

We welcome people with the following qualities to join us

* Good character, honest and trustworthy; solid foundation and expertise
* Cheerful, full of passion, positive and enterprising, good learning ability, and strong self-motivation
* Strong success motivation, bear hardships and stand hard work, not admit defeat, do not give up easily; spirituality
* Serious, meticulous, clear-cut thinking, independent ability to complete tasks, and excellent team spirit
* Have the courage to undertake work responsibilities, have a good professionalism and a strong sense of responsibility

Salary, benefits:

We insist on the idea of paying the post, paying the ability, and paying the result;
We provide competitive salary for employees and provides various social insurance according to national requirements;
We also full purchase commercial insurance, supplementary medical insurance for their employees to provide more comprehensive protection

Employee Development:

Persist in the achievements, ability, and loyalty, select and train talents in entrepreneurship training;
Different talent development channels are set up. Employees can be promoted along management sequences, professional sequences, technical research and development sequences, etc.; provide employees with perfect education and training, and we have on-job training, pre-post training, and occupational training
(Including pre-promotion training, new manager development training, and managerial improvement training, etc.), as well as various technical trainings and other comprehensive and structured training systems, as well as rotation opportunities for other departments.

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